Products Overview (current release listed)

T-REX 7.1 is a mainframe utility to analyze, diagnose, report, backup and repair clusters and ICF (Integrated Catalog Facility) components in an z/OS environment. T-REX was built from the ground up to incorporate the latest features and functions, making it superior to the other conglomeration of old technology in this particular area.

VELOCI-RAPTOR 3.1 is an integrated optimization system that tunes I/O functions to improve throughput for batch and on-line processing. VELOCI-Raptor gathers information during I/O requests to VSAM and SAM (QSAM, BSAM and EXCP) data sets and uses this information to access a knowledge-base of I/O processing rules.

HSM ADMINISAURUS 2.1 is an HSM health monitoring utility that provides reports on your current and historical mission critical data, as well as diagnostic auditing of problem issue areas so corrections can be made quickly to save you time and money.

REORGADON 2.0 is a tool for reorganizing IBM's Hierarchical Storage Manager (DFSMShsm) control data sets (CDS) - the Backup Control Data Set (BCDS), the Migration Control Data Set (MCDS), and the Offline Control Data Set (OCDS). The control data sets may be used by HSM in a multi-host environment on single or multiple systems. REORGadon provides HSM control data set reorganization while the files are active and online to HSM, and without having to shutdown and restart HSM.

TERADON 3.2 is an MVS utility for moving BCS entries from one ICF catalog to another. This functionality is similar to IBM's REPRO MERGECAT, but with exponentially faster runtimes and many more options. TERADON provides the capability of moving catalog entries for files that are currently OPEN.

DQL 3.1 is the DINO QUERY LANGUAGE and it is a robust utility for everyone - Sytems programmers, DBAs, Storage Admins, RACF admins, Auditors, Applications and End users. DQL uses SELECT, FROM, WHERE, and ORDER BY clauses... just like SQL. DQL is able to not just print the content of the input object(s), the language will allow those records matching the criteria to be used to generate, for example, IDCAMS commands, in which the various fields will be substituted in the specified place-holders.

SENTINEL 2.5 enables companies to police z/OS FTP server usage using existing security facilities (RACF, etc.), stopping all unwanted FTP activity before it results in a problem or exposure. It also reduces the complexity of managing FTP by merging and reporting on all of the FTP servers in an enterprise (distributed systems, Windows, OS/390 and z/OS). It provides real-time monitoring of FTP usage, ISPF and Windows-based interactive analysis and consolidated reporting of FTP activity, failures, exceptions, etc. throughout the entire enterprise. With SENTINEL, compliance comes through controlling access and managing exceptions.

XTINCT 5.1 is a tool for wiping data from DASD and Tape to ensure the original data is unrecoverable. In addition to providing a complete audit trail and comprehensive reports to satisfy regulators, XTINCT surpasses NIST guidelines for cleaning and purging data. XTINCT satisfies all federal and international requirements including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, HSPD-12, Basel II, SOX, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and other data security and privacy laws.

DAN 2.1 - DINO Analysis for Networker, is a distributed platform application. DAN is an automated 'health checker' tool for EMC's Networker product.

Real Time Defrag 8.0 provides automatic easily controlled z/OS DASD volume maintenance for the 24x7 operating environment, without the disruption to production schedules which legacy defrag and volume maintenance products engender, and with high throughput due to its advanced multiple address space architecture.