Universal Data Manager (UDM) – Real-time Data

May 2017
Watch Brandy’s new video describing UDM’s real-time data.


Universal Data Manager (UDM) – Easy Installation

March 2017
Watch as Brandy describes how easy it is to install UDM!


Universal Data Manager (UDM) – Automation & Installation

August 2016
Watch DINO’s 4th video on UDM, previewing the Automation Interface and Installation.


Universal Data Manager (UDM) – JCL Interface

June 2016
Watch DINO’s 3rd video on UDM, featuring the JCL Interface.


 Universal Data Manager (UDM) – Command & Reporting

April 2016
Watch DINO’s 2nd video tour of UDM, highlighting the Command and Reporting Interfaces.


Universal Data Manager (UDM) – Intro Video

December 2015
Watch DINO’s 1st introduction video tour of UDM.